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Bullitproof Investments Inc.

Putting people together to achieve mutually desirable goals is what we do. Bullitproof Investments Inc. are High-Growth-Value-Players, sourcing exclusive opportunities with future potential to maximize our resources within various market segments. Once identified, we assemble elite channels of Investment, Leadership, and Management to oversee and attain sought-after investment objectives.

Start-Ups - It is our belief that Seed Funding is the best strategy for significant gains. We search for projects that are unique, disrupt existing paradigms, and improve outdated methods of production.

Performing Assets - We acquire existing assets that show some form of upside potential. These assets are usually under valued and require various levels of involvement to unveil significant gains.

Non-Performing Assets - We acquire existing assets that are experiencing some form of significant difficulties. These distressed assets usually have issues with Management, Operations, Customer/Tenant Relations, and/or Market Volatility among other related circumstances.

Bullitproof Investments Inc. forges ahead where most tend not to tread. We partner with those who have a similar mindset to create value where none existed before. Why wait for opportunity to arrive, when it exists all around you? We do not try to predict the future with speculation; we create the future through implementation.



Bullitproof Foundation

A portion of proceeds from all Bullitproof Investments Inc. assets go to support Bullitproof Foundation - Genetic Research to Cure Dyskeratosis Congenita.

Doing business with Bullitproof help save lives.

We Make Things Happen

Together we can make great thing happen. Are you interested in being involved on our next project? Do you have a project of your own? Let's connect to see what we can create.

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