About Bullitproof Investments Inc.


A Brief History of Time

Bullitproof Investments Inc. had its humble beginnings in the Canadian Residential Rental Real Estate sector in 2005 and entered the US Commercial Distress Asset market as the 2008 economic crisis unfolded. Since then, we have extended our interests across a variety of industries from Charitable Endeavours, Real Estate, Precious Metals, Technology, Automotive, Media, Entertainment and Space Exploration.

Through strategic partnerships, our focus is on the future of mankind as we move beyond this planet and embark on colonizing other heavenly bodies. Extending our footprint past the confines of earth and making our mark on a larger portion of the universe is the best chance we have of ensuring the continuation of our species for the next millennium.


Our Mission

Our mission is to invest in early stage companies that promote four pillars of success: Customer Focus, Employee Focus, Investor Focus and Legacy Sustainability. Each of our endeavours must generate a clean, safe, and positive environment, maintain commitments to health and wellness, as well as encourage consistent levels of improvements to business practices. We are a company of people, helping people help themselves, by solving one problem at a time.


Our Vision

Many companies focus on "making the world a better place" with their twist on product or service offerings.  Bullitproof Investments takes the opposite "self-ish" approach.  By focusing on oneself through the improvement of mind, body and spirit, one can initiate an impact of change. This philosophy invokes reciprocal feedback and perpetuates a harmonious lifestyle. We choose to work with those who operate within these same principles, in order to achieve mutually beneficial visions of the future.


Our Values

  • Family is Everything
  • Strength in Numbers
  • What Goes Around Comes Around
  • Integrity Endures
  • Attention to Detail
  • Go Beyond Expectation
  • Change or Die Trying
  • Initiate
  • Communicate
  • Operate
  • Celebrate
  • Start Better
  • Build Better
  • Be Better

We Make Things Happen

Together we can make great thing happen. Are you interested in being involved on our next project? Do you have a project of your own? Let's connect to see what we can create.

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