Automobile Restoration

We restore classic cars to their original state, with exact model year parts and materials.

Muscle Machines

Speed is our specialty. We turn classic automobiles into hot rods and racing machines.

Automobile Storage

Canadian winters are harsh.  We protect your most prized possession and have it all ready for when spring comes.


Formula 8

Formula 8 is a classic car restoration and storage facility, located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, servicing the Southern Ontario market. By sourcing under valued assets and initiating repositioning strategies, classic cars are restored to their original factory condition then liquidated to Automobile Aficionados.  Other select assets are restored, upgraded or "pimped out" to hot rod status and used for racing competitions or promotional events.  We also provide full slate of automobile maintenance, repairs and body work services that are unparalleled in the industry.

Custom Body and Paint

Depending on the vehicle or client request, Formula 8 performs custom body work, metal fabrication and paint jobs.  Whether its a total original classic restoration project that requires authentic specifications, or a hot rod conversion where the imagination is the limit, we can handle every aspect of any assignment given to us.


Winterization Storage

Formula 8 also provides winterization storage solutions, providing classic car owners a place to protect their most prized possessions from the harsh elements.  We professionally store and maintain automobiles, tires, and other automobile components.  This elite level of services offer clients a safe, secure, insured, climate controlled environment for those who require value added care and cherish their own personal space.


Find Your Formula...

Are you interested in becoming directly involved with Formula 8, or want to learn more about our services? Check out our website to learn more about this unique company.

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